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What you need to Know about Jerky.

Meat consumption have been there since man existed, for one thing it is the most common source of protein and very much available from many sources. Meat is perishable and very quick on that and it calls for proper preservation measures , that is why there are preservation measures in place to help and among the ideology behind preservation methods of the present day have some traces from those used in the past. Jerky is the answer to protein needs for people that are in transit or those leading certain kinds of lifestyle. Jerky is a lean meat that has been trimmed of the fat and made into strips that have been dried to make them last longer. When dried jerky could have salt added to it and the purpose of the additive is to inhabit the growth of bacteria on the meat.

To add some flavor and make the preservation better modern jerky will be marinated with spices. Jerky is a ready to eat product and will not need any additional preparation. The preparation is very much effective because the product will go for months without any refrigeration and still serve its purpose making it also ideal for storage in case of emergencies. There are many products in the market that area sold as jerky, they are basically different types of meat that have been chopped and well processed.

Moisture to meat ratio must be to the latter if the meat is going to last for the time that is anticipated. Both domestic and wild or bush meat can be used to make jerky. The reason for trimming the fat from the meat is because it will not dry and many people avoid consuming products with fat hence making it essential to have it fat free. When you are out taking a hiking trail or on hunting expeditions where you might spend long hours in the wild, jerky will make a good part of the diet that you can rely on. Through learning, people are making their own jerky a the comfort of their own homes, it just takes having the right equipment and skills.

Handling meat during the preparation process needs to be observed to the later, whether turkey, chicken, or beef there is series of steps to arrive at the perfect jerky. As a jerky lover who would love to make their own product at home, there are preparation equipment that can fit your kitchen and that makes it easy to learn and make what you love. Both commercial and homemade jerky preparation needs to observe hygiene so as to ensure that what is being consumed is safe. You can prepare the marinade by hand with a large container to hold the meat and the marinade, make sure you have the right spices in the process.

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