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How Does Value Based Healthcare Help Women?

Value based healthcare is an unfamiliar subject for many people.The reason that it is so unknown is that it is largely not discussed in public forums. In this system of healthcare, payment to providers is based on the patient’s health. On the other hand, a fee based healthcare system charges a standard fee per service, even if the patient stayed sick or died. In this article, you will read about the benefits of such a system and how it could be implemented.

Does this healthcare alternative have any benefits? First, patients save money on their healthcare costs. In addition, general overall health also improves significantly, as more attention is paid to disease prevention. The patient his or herself becomes the spotlight, not a specific illness. Also under this model, more young and healthy people are likely to sign up. The reason for this is the emphasis on preventing future problems by taking action now.

All of society can benefit from implementing this model. Less money is spent on healthcare in general. Advocates also often sight the clear need for change in the healthcare industry as support for their side. But this new approach could mean great advancement in the well being of society. When people and families are healthier, there are many advantages for society as a whole. One additional point about switching to a different healthcare system is simply that the current model is not successful in creating a healthier society of people.

You are probably not surprised to learn that there a number of special interest groups who do not support switching to a value based healthcare model. Though there are detractors, there are also many proponents of this healthcare model. In fact, you may already be familiar with the maternity episodes of care model. A lot of issues particular to women’s health can be improved by using this model of healthcare instead.

As you can see, a strong case can be made for switching to such a system. In addition, you have learned that several female health groups are public supports of this type of healthcare. As the public gets more comfortable with the idea, many more advocacy groups are likely to join the cause. Healthcare is a vital public issue and will undoubtedly continue to advance and evolve over time.

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