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The Basics of Kickboxing

Incorporating with the other sports, kickboxing is really an intense and interesting martial arts. It has a close resemblance with boxing; but, unlike in boxing wherein only the arms and fists are allowed. The main difference is that kickboxing utilizes both the feet and hands. Because of such, kickboxing is a full-contact sport.

The type and origins of kickboxing

The origin of kickboxing was in Japan. It incorporates the mixture of Tae Kwon Do, karate, and boxing. Hence, it exists in 3 different kinds. These forms are the Japanese style, American style, and European style. Continue on reading this article so that you will know the different forms better.

Numerous boxers and trainers have made up the Japanese style kickboxing, which consist of various forms. There are 5 rounds in a single match, each round will last for 3 minutes. On the fighter’s attacks, he or she can use both his or her elbows and knees. The attacks could be anywhere under the belt but it should not be at thegroin. The fighters are not allowed to do head butts, pushing, and throwing.

In the American style kickboxing, the fight usually comprise with the fists and feet and the attacks should be above the hips. The fighters aren’t allowed to utilize their elbows and knees, and if the attacks are in the shins, then there are corresponding penalties. Before any match would start, it is a protocol that both the promoters and fighters should come together so that they the regulations and rules will be established. The match is comprised of 10-12 rounds with each round having 2-3 minutes each. Between the rounds, there’s an allotted one minute for break.

The European kickboxing has five rounds that will last up to three minutes long. The thighs and knees are allowed to be used by both fighters in their attacks. Kicking the crotch area is not allowed but the fighters are allowed to attack anywhere below the belt. Also, head butting and pushing are strictly prohibited.

Kickboxing as a form of cardio workout

There are lots of people who like to be physically fit. This is the main reason why a lot of people such as celebrities and even politicians would choose kickboxing in doing their regular exercises. The workout consist of aerobics, martial arts, and boxing. The typical movements consist of kicking, punching, and other forms of martial arts related techniques.

In regards with cardio kickboxing, you don’t actually need to face an opponent. Instead, cardio kickboxing is designed to trim down your body fats. By doing so, you can burn up to 400 calories per hour.

So, what do you think you must wait for? Start looking for a kickboxing studio and register now!

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